September 21, 2021

Equestrian Activities in Devon 2

  Come to the Wild West of the UK – Devon! In Devon, horse riding...


Come to the Wild West of the UK – Devon! In Devon, horse riding is a very popular pastime, for both locals and visitors. Not tried it before? Don’t worry, there are plenty of experienced riders and tutors who are happy to help get you started. And of course, many of the local trails are happy to loan you a horse or two for the day so you can explore the landscape properly.

Saddle up and try pony trekking through Devon – we do have miles of beautiful sandy beaches, two stunning national parks (Exmoor and Dartmoor), and lush green lanes and pretty bridleways criss-crossing the county. Ride across open moor, hack across the downs, or – for the more adventurous – gallop through the tumbling surf. Beginners or more experienced horse riders, all agree that the joys of trekking across the Devon countryside are hard to beat. Of course, if you’re going to Dartmoor, you can’t miss the herds of wild ponies and horses that live on the moor, just be aware that these horses aren’t trained, so don’t try and saddle one for a quick canter around, be sure to go to a stables or riding school for a horse that’s much more used to human contact!

Riding holidays in Devon

If you’re a very keen rider, a number of accommodation providers in Devon offer horse riding trips and stays that are aimed specifically at you. These breaks will often include a programme of experiences that work to show off the beauty of Devon from horseback and can often be tailored to you in terms of the areas you’d like to see and the amount of time you like to spend in the saddle. It is a great way to see the landscape and to experience the rustic and historical charm of the area, particularly if you are staying in one of the more rural areas with narrow lanes and bridal ways to navigate. Plus, there is nothing more fun than making new friends while on holiday, so why not make those friends four legged?

If you’re looking for a holiday in Devon that includes horse riding amongst a variety of experiences (and why not? There’s so much to do in Devon after all) there’s lots on offer for you too. There are stables and tour guides all over Devon that will be able to arrange for you to spend a day or half-day in the saddle, whether that’s riding out on the open moor, trotting along woodland trails and bridleways, or following in the hoofprints of medieval traders along the historic byways linking Devon’s towns and villages.

Perhaps you’d like a horse ride, but don’t want to be the one controlling the reigns. There is something for you too, if you head to Tiverton, you’ll be able to experience the historic horse drawn barges, the only ones left in the country. The horses will take you on a tranquil barge trip, meaning you can ride a horse, without having to be in control of it! There are plenty of other places in Devon offering horse drawn carts and carriage rides, so keep your eyes open in the local villages and towns or ask at your accommodation if they know the nearest place.

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